2 Industries that Benefit From Using Stainless Steel

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Food and Beverage industry is one of many fields that benefits from using stainless steel.

Have you ever noticed how stainless steel is the material of choice for many different industries?  It is used in everything from commercial real estate to the medical industry.  This is due to many of its stand-out traits including its ability to stay intact under extreme temperatures, how it exhibits easy-to-clean upkeep and its 100% recyclability.  Today I’m going to share with you two industries that benefit from using stainless steel as their preferred material of choice.

Medical and Science Industry

The medical and science industry uses this type of metal due to its no risk of contamination and rust-resistant traits. This steel does not fray, fall apart or leave remnants around when placed in harsh settings and environments while other materials do fail resulting in unwanted, negative contamination.  Next time you are in a building where medical research is conducted, science experiments are managed and dental work completed then take a look around and notice how stainless steel is used throughout the facilities.  It is the metal of choice for the medical and science industries.

Food and Beverage Industry

Catering and restaurant businesses have benefited from stainless steel.  It’s low cost upkeep and long-term sustainability makes it a cost-effective option for such businesses.  It is also the ideal selection for the kitchen.  Food, cleaning agents and water rot away at a variety of materials but when you use stainless steel these faulty affects do not occur.

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2 Ways Stainless Steel Contributes to a Clean Environment

Posted on July 6, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel is one of the reasons why we have clean water.

Stainless steel has many positive affects upon the environment versus other materials.  For one, it is 100% recyclable.  That is a common benefit frequently mentioned when discussing this material.  However, there are many other advantages to using stainless steel that impacts the environment in a positive way.  Here are two ways it helps.

Improves Air Quality

With the prices of gas going up, it is no wonder people are turning more towards diesel fuel.  This is a smart option not only on your wallet but for the physical world around us.  Did you know that diesel filters eliminate more than 90% of black smoke and more than 80% of soot created from diesel engines?  This improves the air quality for us all.  This is in direct correlation with steel since diesel filters are made from stainless steel itself.

Keeps Our Water Supplies Clean

Clean water is essential to survival for animals, plants, the land (in its entirety) and humans.  If water is contaminated the land is deprived and starves.  The land suffers along with other plants, animals and us.  Thus, clean water assists with the land flourishing with harvest and nutrition for all the plants, animals and us to consume and grow from.  Stainless steel helps us achieve this goal.  The nominal risk of it corroding keeps water levels clean and prevents bacteria from growing.  This is why it is an ideal choice.

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