Nickel Bar Properties

UNS = Unified Numbering System
TYPE = Commonly used grade name
AMS = Aerospace Society for Testing and Materials
ASTM = American Society for Testing and Materials
FEDERAL = Federal specifications

N02200 ALLOY 200 B-160 Corrosion defiant, commercial quality nickel, unalloyed with fantastic mechanical properties. Contact Us
N04400 ALLOY 400 4675 B-164 QQ-N-281 Immense corrosion resistance and high strength over a wide range of temperatures. Contact Us
N04405 ALLOY 405 4674 B-164 QQ-N-281 Comparable to 400, but containing controlled sulfur, which enhances its machining characteristics, this is why it is called “free-machining” version of 400. Contact Us
N05500 ALLOY 500 4676 B-865 QQ-N-286 Comparable to 400, but age hardenable. Over time the products durability and hardness will continue to improve. Contact Us
  N08020 ALLOY 20 B-473 A “super” stainless steel, used widely in both stainless & nickel categories. Contact Us

N06600 ALLOY 600 5665 B-166 Excellent high temperature strength and rust resistance, also has immense corrosion resistance due to stressful conditions and cracking. Contact Us
N06625 ALLOY 625 5666 B-446 Extremely high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, from cryogenic temperatures up to 1500° F, exceptional fatigue strength. Contact Us
N07718 ALLOY 718 5662
B-637 An age hardenable alloy with elevated strength up to 1300° F, withstands corrosion and has fantastic welding applications. Contact Us
N10276 ALLOY 276 B-574 Most versatile corrosion resistant alloy with excellent resistance in oxidizing and reducing corrosives, also resistant to localized attack and stress corrosion cracking. Contact Us

The information above is not warranted, guaranteed, or for design purposes.

The information above is not warranted, guaranteed, or for design purposes.

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