Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Think Outside the Box

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Think outside the box this Valentine's Day and buy that special someone new stainless steel appliances.

Every year people rush around last minute to get their significant other Valentine’s Day gifts.  Chocolates and flowers seem to be the most common gift choice.  But why not stand out from years past?  Make this year special by thinking outside of the box.  Here are two Valentine’s Day gift ideas that he/she will appreciate.

Give Brand New Stainless Steel Appliances

Proceed with caution when selecting this gift item because not all women and men will interpret receiving stainless steel appliances as romantic.  But if your spouse has been complaining about the kitchen appliances for years and if he/she believes the kitchen is the heart of the home then this is an ideal gift. It is something that shall last for many years to come.  And who knows?  Maybe your significant other will use the new equipment to cook you a Valentine’s Day dinner.  Just don’t mention it first.  It could be taken the wrong way and then you will be spending Valentine’s Day alone.

Book a Spa or Golf Day

Some people never have enough time to get away from the nuisances of the daily rut so why not book a spa or golf day.  Check out the local spas and golf resorts in your area.  Choose one that has the amenities, packages and promotions you desire.  Spas and a round of golf are a great way for a person to relax and return rejuvenated.

There are a number of unique ways to express how much you appreciate and adore someone.  Make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

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Home of Super Bowl 2012: Lucas Oil Stadium

Posted on December 6, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


With Fantasy Football winding down and the NFL Playoffs coming up then there is one thing this country has on the brain, Super Bowl XLVI.  Gearing up for the big game includes more than buying chips and dips for your football guests.  It is about studying the disabled list and learning more about the venue, Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Lucas Oil Stadium was built in preparation for Super Bowl 2012 but the architects took it one step further and made sure this venue would continue to be utilized during the off-season.  It has many unusual features establishing this stadium as a multi-functional venue.  Let’s start by looking at the retractable roof and the steel trusses supporting the 760 feet long structure.

Steel was the best and only choice of material strong enough to make the trusses needed to hold the weight of the two retractable panels that create the roof.  The total weight is around 2.5 million pounds; thus, the architects needed a durable, strong, weather resistant material.  Anything other than steel would collapse under such pressure.

The retractable roof separates itself from other stadiums.  This was the first retractable roof in history to divide lengthwise.  It slides down the slope of the stadium roof when it is opened.

Another spectacular feature is the large, moveable window wall.  This is another first for stadiums because it was the largest moveable glass wall in the world.  The purpose it to allow the stadium the option to stay open like playing in an outdoor field or shut keeping the interior protected from negative weather destruction.

Lucas Oil Stadium has also been used to host NCAA basketball tournaments and other events.  The 70,000 plus seating capabilities possible for basketball makes this stadium top contender for the NBA All-Star Game and NBA Finals.

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An Inside Look at Stainless Steel Electric Motors

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


Stainless steel electric motors are growing in popularity for various reasons in different industries.  Today I am going to provide you with a little insight on why choosing stainless steel electric motors are the smart choice for you and your business.

Less Maintenance

Stainless steel motors are much easier to clean than other motors.  Why is this so important?  Well, this translates to more money put in your pocket rather than money being spent on repairs, cleaning and maintenance.  There is also less downtime involved with stainless steel machinery.  As a result, additional time is spent on production rather than service repair time.

Eliminates Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

The food processing and food production industry needs equipment that is going to last and maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness and sanitation without forcing the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.  Stainless steel electric motors are able to fulfill this necessary requirement.  Prior to stainless steel electric motors, the food industry used corrosive solutions and high powered hoses to clean out any residue left behind on equipment.  Stainless steel electric motor eliminates the need for such a contaminated, deadly and lethal step.  Your food is much safer with the use of stainless steel electric motors.

Decreases Risks of Leaks, Rust and Corrosion

Many water treatment plants and water cooling systems use stainless steel machinery.  There is a reason for it. The usage of stainless steel machines diminishes the risk of rust, corrosion or leakage from happening.  There is no reason to fret over damaging equipment due to the use of water anymore.  Stainless steel machinery holds up under a wide array of conditions and factors including the use of water.

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