How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

Posted on January 4, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Adding a stainless steel sink is a stylish choice for your home kitchen.   It always makes me feel like I’m in a top-notch chef’s kitchen when I see one in someone’s home.  It looks great, won’t crack and is durable.  But how do you keep it looking fresh and new after years of use?  Here are some tips on how to clean a stainless steel sink.

Use Mild Products

Skip the toxic cleaning products.  Switch to baking soda or white vinegar.   Baking soda eliminates odors and removes any stuck on grime.  White vinegar removes stains while polishing the stainless steel at the same time.  These two are household items you may already own. It is a no fuss, cost-effective, hassle free way to keep your sink looking pristine.

Implement Preventive Measures

The key to keeping your new kitchen sink clean is to employ preventive measures into the mix.   For instance, do not leave any metal canned products or cast iron for long periods of time in the sink.  This leads to staining.  Remember to never cut directly on a stainless steel surface.  If you are going to clean it then go with the grain.  This makes the material shine like new.  If you live in an area where hard water is a problem then wipe the sink dry after each use.

Stainless steel is not just used for kitchen sinks.  It is also an ideal material choice for processing plants, high pressure machinery, condensers, heat exchanger tubes and more.

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How to Choose a Stainless Steel Pump for Oil Recovery

Posted on December 30, 2011 by Reda Abouleish

Learn how to choose a quality stainless steel pump for oil recovery.

The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico created a new demand in the oil business.  It sparked opportunity where the industry didn’t initially think would be a demanding necessity as it is today.  Oil and spillage recovery jobs are huge.  To implement their tasks effectively, the industry uses stainless steel equipment to ensure it is completed in a safe and efficient manner.  This translates to big money and time being spent on stainless steel pumps.  For this specific reason, it is vital to the oil and gas industry to identify the traits in a good quality pump.

What to Look for in a Stainless Steel Pump

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best pumps for your oil drilling, recovery and refinery needs.

Look for a pump that has a great capacity to manage mixtures of air, water and thick oily sludge.  It should also provide reverse operation, suction lift and vacuum at inlet and pulsation free pumping.  Think about the low shear pumping qualities too.  Does it homogenize or emulsify the liquid?  If so then the pump you selected is also effective at oil and water separations, which is key in oil recovery and cleanup management.

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3 Stainless Steel Staircase Ideas

Posted on December 21, 2011 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel staircases are a great way to add interest to a home or office space.

There are many different stainless steel staircase designs available for you on the market today that come in different shapes matching your home or office vibe.  These stairs add an architecturally interesting element to what may be considered by some as an otherwise boring structure.  Here are some stainless steel staircase ideas to consider during your next renovation or new build.

Spiral staircases may exhibit intricate detail or simple, sleek modern lines covering a wide spectrum of taste and décor.  The name is a direct reflection of its build.  It is created in the shape of a spiral with each step encompassing approximately a twelfth of the stairs.  There is a central column located as a support to each step.  The key to executing this correctly is to take accurate measurements and dimensions before constructing it.  If you are unsure on how to proceed seek out a professional who has worked with stainless steel spiral staircases before.

Another staircase available to fulfill your creative needs is the “L’ shaped stairs.  These are stairs that work with or without railings.  To maximize the stairs one blogger suggested creating extra storage to the bottom of these stairs in the form of drawers.  You could store shoes, books, school bags or whatever you need in this easily accessible area.

The third idea is a simple, common design referred to as vertical stairs.  This is a great option for smaller homes or office buildings.  It does not seem to take up as much space and you can still make the look original by painting them with a touch of color.

No matter what your staircase needs ar, stainless steel is a safe, durable, aesthetically pleasing element to add to your next home/office renovation or new build.

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The Aerospace Industry Uses Stainless Steel

Posted on December 16, 2011 by Reda Abouleish

Many different alloy steels are ideal to use in the aerospace industry.

Recently in the news, there has been much talk about Obama’s vision for NASA and manned space station programs.  Just having the media focus on the space program got me thinking about the importance of stainless steel in aerospace.

A vital element to a successful aerospace operation is the use of durable fasteners.  These are considered the screws that hold the aircraft together.  They enable landing gear, wings, engines, and other components to function properly.  Fasteners are what engineers and designers rely upon to deliver.  They ensure the safety of the aircraft and your business.  The material you choose for fasteners makes the deciding factor on whether your mission or business fails or thrives.

Fasteners must be made from a material resistant to unpredictable pressure conditions and is stable under severe temperatures.  At the same time, the fastener material must fulfill specific industry requirements.  Stainless steel is the ideal choice.  It holds up under extreme situations; it is exceptionally strong and meets manufacturer and military standards.

Another important part of an aircraft is the landing gear bolts.  Generally, these bolts are made of alloy steels.  Alloy steels have been proven over time to exhibit tremendous strength and corrosion resistance qualities.  These are the exact traits needed for any landing gear function in an aircraft.  I believe the words “landing gear” exemplifies how fatal having poor landing gear bolts can ensue.

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Elevate Backyard Space with a Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Posted on December 12, 2011 by Reda Abouleish

Elevate your backyard look with a stainless steel fire pit.

Backyards are becoming a big selling point in real estate.  Buyers are looking for backyards exhibiting a bit of pizazz while maintaining functionality.  Consumers think about dividing it into sections with an outdoor living space or lounge area, an area for the infamous expansive grill and greenery or garden area for kids, pets and adults alike.     When redoing your backyard think about how to bring these different elements together in a cohesive manner.  One way would be to add stainless steel elements to your design.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Find a fire pit that shows your house has style.  The kind of fire pit you wish to brag about in front of neighbors and still attract a wide array of buyers.  A stainless steel fire pit is one way to achieve this goal.  It is a durable outdoor fireplace with little maintenance needed. It instantly elevates the style of your patio or deck allowing you to enjoy the warmth from the fire and remain outside during those cool evenings.

It encourages everyone to sit around the warm fire together.  You may roast marshmallows, cook barbecues or share recaps of your day.  It brings together families, friends and neighbors.  Let it become the center of your outdoor oasis.

Stainless steel fireplaces come in different shapes and looks giving consumers the variety they desire.  It is a way to instantly spruce up your patio area without going over budget.  You want to attract buyers without having to spend a fortune.

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How to Incorporate Stainless Steel into Your Bathroom Designs

Posted on December 9, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


With the growing popularity of House Hunters, House Hunters International, DIY House Crashers and Rate My Space then it is easy to identify the influence of stainless steel throughout today’s designs.  Designers choose it, people want it and builders like working with it.  It is a durable material that does not corrode or rust.  This is especially important when creating the bathroom of your dreams.  You can’t put material in there that will deteriorate over time or be affected by water.  Stainless steel is the perfect choice.

In bathrooms, I am noticing more people choosing stainless steel for aesthetics and environmental reasons.  A few places it is noticeable are shower trays and bathroom sinks.

Stainless steel shower trays can be cut to whatever size you need.  It is custom ordered and arrives on-site in the exact dimensions needed to fulfill your design. It is also simple to slot into place reducing construction and installation costs.

Bathroom sinks are another area where stainless steel is being used.  Stainless steel does not crack; this is important to note for cracks in a sink are where bacteria hides, develops and grows.  This is a growing concern for parents and families.  Stainless steel sinks are also lightweight and produced from a single sheet of stainless steel making upkeep and maintenance low.

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Home of Super Bowl 2012: Lucas Oil Stadium

Posted on December 6, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


With Fantasy Football winding down and the NFL Playoffs coming up then there is one thing this country has on the brain, Super Bowl XLVI.  Gearing up for the big game includes more than buying chips and dips for your football guests.  It is about studying the disabled list and learning more about the venue, Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Lucas Oil Stadium was built in preparation for Super Bowl 2012 but the architects took it one step further and made sure this venue would continue to be utilized during the off-season.  It has many unusual features establishing this stadium as a multi-functional venue.  Let’s start by looking at the retractable roof and the steel trusses supporting the 760 feet long structure.

Steel was the best and only choice of material strong enough to make the trusses needed to hold the weight of the two retractable panels that create the roof.  The total weight is around 2.5 million pounds; thus, the architects needed a durable, strong, weather resistant material.  Anything other than steel would collapse under such pressure.

The retractable roof separates itself from other stadiums.  This was the first retractable roof in history to divide lengthwise.  It slides down the slope of the stadium roof when it is opened.

Another spectacular feature is the large, moveable window wall.  This is another first for stadiums because it was the largest moveable glass wall in the world.  The purpose it to allow the stadium the option to stay open like playing in an outdoor field or shut keeping the interior protected from negative weather destruction.

Lucas Oil Stadium has also been used to host NCAA basketball tournaments and other events.  The 70,000 plus seating capabilities possible for basketball makes this stadium top contender for the NBA All-Star Game and NBA Finals.

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An Inside Look at Stainless Steel Electric Motors

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


Stainless steel electric motors are growing in popularity for various reasons in different industries.  Today I am going to provide you with a little insight on why choosing stainless steel electric motors are the smart choice for you and your business.

Less Maintenance

Stainless steel motors are much easier to clean than other motors.  Why is this so important?  Well, this translates to more money put in your pocket rather than money being spent on repairs, cleaning and maintenance.  There is also less downtime involved with stainless steel machinery.  As a result, additional time is spent on production rather than service repair time.

Eliminates Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

The food processing and food production industry needs equipment that is going to last and maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness and sanitation without forcing the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.  Stainless steel electric motors are able to fulfill this necessary requirement.  Prior to stainless steel electric motors, the food industry used corrosive solutions and high powered hoses to clean out any residue left behind on equipment.  Stainless steel electric motor eliminates the need for such a contaminated, deadly and lethal step.  Your food is much safer with the use of stainless steel electric motors.

Decreases Risks of Leaks, Rust and Corrosion

Many water treatment plants and water cooling systems use stainless steel machinery.  There is a reason for it. The usage of stainless steel machines diminishes the risk of rust, corrosion or leakage from happening.  There is no reason to fret over damaging equipment due to the use of water anymore.  Stainless steel machinery holds up under a wide array of conditions and factors including the use of water.

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