An Inside Look at Stainless Steel Electric Motors

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


Stainless steel electric motors are growing in popularity for various reasons in different industries.  Today I am going to provide you with a little insight on why choosing stainless steel electric motors are the smart choice for you and your business.

Less Maintenance

Stainless steel motors are much easier to clean than other motors.  Why is this so important?  Well, this translates to more money put in your pocket rather than money being spent on repairs, cleaning and maintenance.  There is also less downtime involved with stainless steel machinery.  As a result, additional time is spent on production rather than service repair time.

Eliminates Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

The food processing and food production industry needs equipment that is going to last and maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness and sanitation without forcing the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.  Stainless steel electric motors are able to fulfill this necessary requirement.  Prior to stainless steel electric motors, the food industry used corrosive solutions and high powered hoses to clean out any residue left behind on equipment.  Stainless steel electric motor eliminates the need for such a contaminated, deadly and lethal step.  Your food is much safer with the use of stainless steel electric motors.

Decreases Risks of Leaks, Rust and Corrosion

Many water treatment plants and water cooling systems use stainless steel machinery.  There is a reason for it. The usage of stainless steel machines diminishes the risk of rust, corrosion or leakage from happening.  There is no reason to fret over damaging equipment due to the use of water anymore.  Stainless steel machinery holds up under a wide array of conditions and factors including the use of water.

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2 Benefits to Building with Steel

Posted on November 21, 2011 by Reda Abouleish


Builders are always thinking of new ways to create sustainable and durable structures.  They are thinking of ways to keep the environment safe while matching the needs of consumers.  Going green is at the forefront of their mind but so is cost.  With the economy in a slump, builders are trying to find cost-effective means to deliver a high quality product without breaking the bank.  A material that assists builders in addressing these concerns is steel.


Steel is a material that lasts through the most extreme temperatures and weather.  There is little to no risk of a building falling apart when natural disasters strike.  The steel remains intact providing the client with peace of mind.  Additionally, when choosing stainless steel there is no risk of the material decaying like wood or attracting termites or rodents.  Stainless steel is a solid choice when building different venues, living spaces, office buildings, medical centers, storage areas and more.

Cost Effective

Working with steel decreases your overall costs.  It reduces the amount of subcontractors needed to work on your project.  You do not need roofers, framers and siding contractors.  This keeps your projected completion time on track.  The less people to worry about the better you are at time management.  The delays are minimized ensuring you are not wasting money on unexpected additional time and labor.  This is a significant advantage over other materials.

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