Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Sinks in Your House

Posted on May 18, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel sinks work in medical labs and in your home kitchen.

We can all learn something from university science departments and the medical field regarding hygiene and cleanliness.  Both continue to master the ability of maintaining clean, medically safe environments in a simple, easy manner by placing stainless steel sinks throughout.

By having these sinks in accessible areas, companies are stopping the spread of toxic chemicals and germs.  It is effortless to carry germs from your work to home but with stainless steel sinks the flow of spreading negative harmful substances is reduced significantly.  So why wouldn’t you adapt the same philosophy to your own home by using these sinks in your kitchen design?

When cooking in a kitchen, you have similar concerns as many pharmaceutical, science and health departments.  You need to prohibit the spread of food contamination of any sort.  Preserving your family’s health is a priority that is not taken lightly.  Resolve this issue with these sinks.  They are rust resistant, durable and are easy to clean.  If any leftover food items spread then you can stop contamination simply by wiping down the sink.  This also saves you time from having to spend on cleaning the sink and kitchen and more time to spend with the family, especially after serving a large family dinner.  The last thing you want to do after cooking, serving and eating is spend further exhausting energy cleaning up.

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How Stainless Steel is Used in the Automotive Industry

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel cars are durable, rust-resistant and long lasting.

With gas prices soaring and salaries not increasing to reflect this necessary economical change then it is time to think of ways to save money.  Cutting coupons, looking for sales and buying quality long-lasting products that won’t break the budget is the way to go; and there is one type of metal that I rely upon when I need to make a big purchase, such as a new vehicle.  The product is stainless steel.

When buying a vehicle check out the interior and exterior.  Notice the metal used throughout.  It is usually made from stainless steel.

This type of iron carbon alloy is a durable, rust resistant material used in various parts of your car and/or truck.  It is cost effective for manufacturers and holds up under a wide array of extreme conditions.   It is the material of choice for your engine, trim and exhaust system.

The exhaust system is exposed to extremely hot temperatures and needs a solid material capable of managing destructive gases without harming the car.  You do not want to spend a ton of money only to later learn that you need to replace the entire exhaust due to the material falling apart.  Other metals are sometimes used so be sure you are not fooled.  Do a thorough check.

These are only a few examples of how the automotive industry uses stainless steel.  To find out more call one of our nickel alloy experts today.

Why Engineers Use Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Posted on May 8, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Stainless steel keeps your operations running smoothly.

As time goes on engineers continue to develop new technology improving operation services for a variety of businesses in a wide array of sectors.   The form of the stainless steel ball valve is no different. It has changed in shape and has been modified to achieve maximum results throughout the years.

A steel ball valve is located inside a tube and enables waste fluids to travel through a passageway.  The valve works by placing an existing hole in the steel ball then the placement of the ball is controls the function of this valve.  Once this occurs, the valves stay open when the holes proceeding in the same direction as that of the passageways.  The fluid begins to stream out in a uninterrupted manner.  This is vital to the function of the contraption because if the holes are not lined up correctly then the valve closes and the fluid remains encased.

Why Stainless Steel?

To effectively execute its function, the valve needs to be strong and untainted when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures.  Sometimes the metal valves connect joints that carry a maximum of 200 degrees.  Thus, it needs to be able to handle such circumstances without dissolving or bowing.

To find out  more about how stainless steel and nickel alloy bars can improve your business operations, call National Specialty Alloys today.

How to Transform Your Kitchen with Stainless Steel

Posted on March 29, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

A stainless steel kitchen island is just one way you could use this metal to enhance your kitchen look and value.

Have you ever toured a home that was at the top of your buying list until you walked into the kitchen?  What a deflated feeling that is.  Many times this happens to buyers and the homes with the least impressive kitchens tend to be the ones crossed off their potential new home list.

Pay Attention to Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen stand out?  It should be the best looking room in the entire house.  It is one of the most important rooms so the attention and money spent in it needs to be substantial.  It truly is the heart of the home that brings in the most monetary value.  It can transform an old, dingy looking 1980s kitchen into a modern era just by updating the hardware and cabinets.  Using stainless steel is one way to do this.

By changing cabinets from wood to steel you update the home instantly and buyers notice.  It emits an impression of elegance, sleekness and richness while remaining cost effective, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.  It is a metal that is 100% recyclable making it appealing to home buyers, builders and contractors.  It also does not rot or fade away like wood.  The replacement and maintenance costs are low saving you money.

This material does not have to solely be preserved for the indoors.  It works great for outside living spaces too.

To find out more about the benefits of using stainless steel and nickel alloy bars, call National Specialty Alloys today.

Why Stainless Steel is the Preferred Metal for City Furniture

Posted on March 21, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

City planners save tax payers money by using stainless steel.

There are many things to consider when making city improvements to public areas.  The city has to think about choosing materials that are cost-effective and long lasting.  A material that is durable enough to hold a wide range of weight limitations.  A piece of metal that does not fray or fall apart when it is raining, snowing, high winds, flash floods and extreme heat occur.  Stainless steel meets all these specifications making it an easy decision amongst city designers.

Think about city-wide furniture and sights you see.  There is everything from billboards to parking benches to public park garbage cans made from stainless steel.  It is a chosen metal that saves the city money on replacement and maintenance expenses.  In this economy that is especially important.  Too many cities are under the risk of financial collapse while tax payers have no more money to spare.

Check out the local parks where your kids play. What material are the jungle gym, basketball hoops, benches and see-saws made from?  The majority of the time it is all created from stainless steel.

In prior generations, some city parks would use a type of cast iron metal that was painted over with acrylic gloss finish.  This causes issues.  The paint chips exposing the ugly layers underneath leaving it in danger eroding quickly.  But city officials realized it was becoming a money pit.  Tax payer dollars were exhausted on furniture and playground replacement when the entire problem could be resolved by utilizing stainless steel.

To find out more about how your town could benefit from switching to stainless steel and nickel alloy bars, call one of our experienced, specialized and reputable experts today.

Spring Training Stadiums and March Madness Tournament Facilities Use Stainless Steel

Posted on March 15, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Sports arenas and Spring Training Stadiums rely on steel for design and purpose.

Being a sports enthusiast, I am ecstatic to watch March Madness and Spring Training unfold.  The stadiums and facilities the tournaments and games are played in are massive.  They exhibit a wide span area with high ceilings without the need of many columns and posts distracting the fans and players alike.

Why Stainless Steel?

When building a sporting facility you need to think about the enormous amount of people that go in and out of it on a regular basis.  There will be a significant amount of wear and tear.  You do not want to use a material that needs constant upkeep and maintenance.  Choose a metal that does not fall apart but rather lasts through time.  A metal that is capable of supporting much weight under immense physical pressure.  A material proficient enough in keeping a building temperature cool, does not react to extreme heat and is resistant to erosion.  Stainless steel fulfills all of these requirements and more.

Stainless Steel Tubes

The stainless steel tube is a hollow cylinder used for structural purposes in a building or resident. The rust-resistant trait makes it an ideal choice to transport water, liquids and gas.  It does not react to other materials and extreme environmental conditions.  It also has the ability to be welded, if need-be.

To find out more about stainless steel and nickel alloy please call one of our experts today.

Common Uses for Stainless Steel Banding

Posted on January 16, 2012 by Reda Abouleish

Use stainless steel bandings when securing your street signs.

When a city decides to create new signage, the contractors have to consider material sturdy enough to keep the sign together.  What can they use to fasten it with?  If they do not choose something sturdy, durable and resilient then it could fall apart creating the grounds for a lawsuit to be filed by any citizen.  It could come crashing down on flowing traffic or pedestrians crossing the street.  So what material holds together the signage and eliminates this type of worry?  By choosing stainless steel banding you rid yourself, the city and contractors from worrying about such issues.  There are many other uses for it too.

This type of banding has replaced the customary screws, bolts and nails method of attaching street signs and signals to sign poles.  The banding wraps around the pole keeping the pole sturdy and together ensuring it does not fall apart over time.  It is also resistant to extreme temperatures or heat making it a cost-effective option.

The chemical industry is another arena that utilizes steel bandings.  As mentioned above, they hold up under extreme temperatures and conditions.  This makes it an ideal option for the chemical industry.  Furthermore, it is water resistant and is capable of staying together under high, power pressured processing.

There is a tall demand for mobile companies to build network towers.  The competition is stiff.  They want to be certain to deliver reliable service to customers to any location.  Stainless steel bandings help mobile companies achieve this goal.

To find out more about different uses of stainless steel and nickel alloy call one of our specialists today.

An Inside Look at Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes

Posted on December 29, 2011 by Reda Abouleish

Duplex stainless steel pipes are used in offshore processes in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Stainless steel seems to be a hot topic in the press lately.  The media has been highlighting how stainless steel is a wise decision when choosing to “go green” at the office and/or home.  So what are the different uses for stainless steel tubes?  How can you incorporate stainless steel into your next construction project?  Here we take an inside look at two types of stainless steel tubes and their uses.

Heat Exchanger Tubes

Heat exchanger tubes are used in a wide array of industries including chemical, nuclear and natural gas processing.  They are designed for heat transfer processes and mostly applied in heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation of liquids, gases and steam.  Heat exchanger tubes are always a cold finished product and they are known to be extremely resistant to aggressive mediums such as acid.

Duplex Stainless Steel Pipes

The Oil and Gas Industry understands the numerous benefits to using duplex stainless steel pipes.  For instance, it has superb resistance to an extensive variety of corrosive mediums found in both offshore and onshore locations.  The other benefit is its elevated strength holds up under high pressures confronted at great depths.  Think undersea extractions.

To find out more about how stainless steel pipes and tubes work in your industry, call one of our experts today.  One of our specialists is available to tell you about the benefits of using stainless steel and nickel alloy bars.



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